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The motherboard schematic for  Lenovo Think Centre YT E4980i All-in-One, Wistron TOYAMA Mainboard
CPU: Conroe Core 2 Dual, Yorkfield Core 2 Quad processor,  Wolfdale Dual Core LGA-775
North Bridge: Intel G41
South Bridge: Intel ICH7
Model: TOYAMA   PCB Ver: SA
PCB: 09147    SCH Ver:01
Document Number: TOYAMA
Rev: SA
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 39
File size: 1.36MB
Price: $9.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Lenovo IdeaPad V370/V370A laptop/notebook, Wistron LA37 Mainboard
CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge FSB: 1066 MHz
Discrete VGA Nvidia N12M-GE

Chipset: Intel PCH Cougar Point
Project code : 91.4IG01.001
PCB P/N      : 48.4IG01.0SA
Revision     : 10252-SA
I/O PCB      : 10721-SA
FP PCB       : 10723-SA
Document Number: LA37
Rev: -1
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 103
File size: 1.76MB
Price: $12.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 All-in-One
CPU: LGA 1155 (65W) Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge
GPU Caspian 20W DDR3 512M/1G Onega 45W   DDR3 1G
Chipset: Intel PCH Cougar Point (H61)
OEM MODEL: Lenovo B320
PCB NAME: 6150A0003603
Rev: 0.3
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 57
File size: 5.36MB
Price: $11.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Lenovo C200 All-in-One
CPU: PineView D Intel Atom D510/D410
Chipset: Intel Tiger Point
OEM: T P V  (Top Victory Electronics Co., Ltd. )
OEM MODEL: Lenovo C200
PCB NAME: 715G3800-M0C-000-0050
Rev: A
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 39
File size: 834KB
Price: $10.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic diagram for Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 All-in-One .
CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge Desktop 95W
VGA NVdia N12P-GT 38~43W

Chipset: PCH Cougar Point H67
OEM: Compal Electronics, Inc.
Model Name : PLA00
File Name : LA6951P
Document Number: PLA00 M/B LA-6951P Schematic
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 62
File size: 1.92MB
Price: $11.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic diagram for Lenovo IdeaCentre B305 All-in-One Desktop PC.
CPU: AMD 45W /CPU AM3 — Athlon II
North Bridge: AMD RS780L
South Bridge: AMD – SB710
OEM: Wistron Incorporated
Document Number: Barbados
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 62
File size: 3.95MB
Price: $10.5

Block Diagram:

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